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Sublease.com is a commercial real estate listing service that was initially founded to focus on sublease listings, but with the recent acquisition by RENTV and the complete revamping of the web site and search engine, the service now is an effective way to market DIRECT AND SUBLEASE availabilities to business owners or those looking for space. Itís ideal for marketing space that may slip under the radar of the tenant rep broker, because of the spaceís smaller size or shorter lease term length.

Through Sublease.comís web-enabled services, commercial real estate brokers, property managers and tenants can list or search for office and industrial sublease space. The companyís operating strategy addresses the need for an efficient medium to successfully market subleases and smaller direct spaces to prospective tenants directly and, to some extent, tenant rep brokers.

Sublease.com offers an extremely cost-effective means in the market for sourcing leads for availabilities that may not get the attention of tenant rep brokers; hence promoting liquidity, while reducing down time and accelerating deal flow for this sector of the commercial real estate market.

The company was founded in 2000 by professionals in the commercial real estate industry and was acquired in 2005 by RENTV.COM, INC., the company that created and operates RENTV, a leading online news and media company covering the commercial real estate industry since 1998. It is headquartered in Marina Del Rey, CA.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform the way smaller commercial spaces and sublease opportunities, as well as business-related services, are marketed and found by providing the commercial real estate industry with an easy-to-use, cost-effective listing service that is free for the prospective tenant to use.


Sublease.com is now operated by the same team that has been operating RENTV since 1998.

STEVEN D. BLOOM: President and CEO, Sublease.com and RENTV.com, Inc. Steve is the Founder and CEO of RENTV, where he forms the companyís overall growth strategy, develops new business lines, sells advertising and produces content. He also produces and hosts the RENTV Video Programs about the commercial real estate industry which are streamed from the RENTV.COM web site. Born in NYC in 1965, Steve had a 14-year career in the commercial real estate industry prior to founding RENTV in 1998 to improve the industryís media coverage. He was a commercial real estate broker for nine years in Los Angeles with Cushman & Wakefield and with CRESA Partners. Prior to that, he was a project manager for Forest City Ratner Companies, a large-scale commercial developer in New York City. In college, at Cornell University, Steve was already involved in real estate, working in his alma materís real estate department. In 1998 he received his MBA at The Marshall School of Business at USC. When heís not tending to RENTV and Sublease.com, Steve is spending time with his wife Lesley and three children.

ALLEN WOLFSHEIMER: Senior Vice President, Sublease.com, Senior Vice President and Publisher, RENTV.com, Inc. Allen is responsible for creating the structure and programming for our editorial as we grow, while also working to develop new types of content and sources of revenue. He manages the RENTV web site and oversees the companyís email newsletters. Prior to joining RENTV, Allen spent 10 years with the California Real Estate Journal, having worked his way up to the position of publisher, where he oversaw all advertising sales, marketing and business development for the monthly publication. He was also publisher of the annual BOMA Office Market Journal, the 250-page, resource guide distributed by BOMA of L.A. to the regionís commercial real estate professionals. Allenís background also includes a stint as media planner at one of Los Angelesí big ad agencies, Dailey & Associates. A Los Angeles native, Allen was raised in the San Fernando Valley and achieved his B.S. in business administration at California State University, Northridge.

SOPHIA MORENO: Operations Manager, Sublease.com and RENTV.com, Inc. Sophia has the unique role of handling the various tasks that make the machinery of Sublease and RENTV run. Whether it is keeping the databases growing and up-to-date, or handling the ever-increasing amount of record-keeping and invoicing, Sophia is always hard at work making sure our information is getting to the right place and vice versa. She is the companyís office manager, database administrator and executive assistant all wrapped up in one. Sophiaís recent work history includes three years in customer service at a diamond firm in downtown LA. She grew up and was educated in the Philippines, where she received a B.S. in business management. Fortunately for us here at RENTV, in 2000 Sophia decided to move to the U.S and settled here in Los Angeles.
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